Fixed Blade Sheaths

Simplest Fixed Blade Sheath

This is the most basic option for your fixed blade. The sheath comes standard with a minimum of 3 eyelets, which will allow you to stow for blade in your pack or lash it to the outside with some 550 cord if you choose.


Custom Carry

If you’re looking for just a basic sheath that you can wear on your belt, vest, or bag, this is the option to look at. You may select multiple carry options so you can adapt to any scenario or environment.

Basic Piggyback Sheath

This combo sheath system is ideal for those who have a large and small fixed blades that they want to carry simultaneously. Large and small knives serve different purposes, and the combination of the two makes for a great setup in the wilderness or the campsite.

BBCK Survivalist

With this option, you can combine multiple knives and any number of survival tools; ferro rods, sharpeners, flashlights, tins, etc. This complex setup is the pinnacle of survival gear, allowing you to conveniently carry all of your essentials in one place.

BBCK Breakaway Sheath

This modular sheath is a one-of-a-kind system bringing a fresh innovation to the sheath industry. It involves not only the capacity to combine multiple knives and attachments, but also the unique ability to separate and carry them individually. In addition, this can be done spontaneously and without the use of additional tools. because the secondary item is already equipped with its own belt clip, you simply have to separate it from the main sheath and it’s ready to go!