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Black Bear Custom Kydex began as a simple DIY project.  I bought a couple of knives for camping, but found that the factory sheaths were less than desirable for my needs.  After looking into the options for after market sheaths, I became very interested in kydex.  I decided to tackle the project and try making my own.  Before long, I found myself doing projects for friends and family.  The rest is history!

Military & Law Enforcement

Since the dawn of our nation, our military and law enforcement have been protecting and defending our freedom.  As a veteran of the US Army, I am honored to call you my brothers and sisters in arms.  I Believe that you are heroes and that our nation and its people owe you a great debt.  For this reason, I am offering a discount to ALL branches of military and law enforcement (including fire) to those who have or are currently serving in the US.  15% off your purchase (excludes attachments and shipping). Thank you for your service!

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