Carry Options – Firearm

IWB Side

Carrying on the side typically means your holster will be alone, rather than connected to a mag pouch. I generally use a single wide polymer clip for this setup, because it keeps the holster stable and level while gripping the belt to ensure your firearm draws cleanly out and the holster stays put.

IWB Appendix

I typically use a pair of polymer grip hooks. This helps to keep equal pressure on both sides of the holster without compromising its retention on the belt. By putting the clips to the side of the firearm, concealment is also better effected.

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IWB Soft Loops

A pair of these rugged coated webbing loops will work for both side carry and appendix. Soft loops are also capable of attaching your holster to the outside of the waistband or to M.O.L.L.E. webbing.

IWB Ulticlip

The ulticlip is ideal for carrying IWB without a belt, or even inside a pocket. If you are wearing a belt, I recommend using a polymer clip. However, the ulticlip can be attached to the waistband of your pants behind a belt if that is your preference. Do not attach the ulticlip directly to your belt, as it may stretch the spring and render the ulticlip useless. Carrying IWB with a pair of ulticlips will keep the holster stable and level.

IWB Grip Hook

The grip hook is a slim clip designed for effective concealment while carrying inside the waistband. It is a versatile clip that has applications in the knife arena as well. The best use of it on a firearm, in my opinion, is with appendix carry.  I create a holster that allows 2 grip hooks to be attached, giving your holster a secure connection with the belt, as well as a very effective, low-printing AIWB profile.

OWB Tek-Lok

This is one of the most reliable ways to carry anything directly mounted on the belt. Your holster will be adjustable at a generous variety of cants and ride heights.

OWB Paddle

The paddle mount is a comfortable and secure carry setup which puts the paddle itself inside the waistband while the holster and firearm remain outside. Depending on the pants you are wearing, a paddle mount can even be effective without a belt.

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Molle Loks

These are an excellent way to to secure your holster to a vest, backpack, or chest pack with M.O.L.L.E. or PALS webbing.

Chest Harness

The new BBCK and Beachin Tactical harness system is one of the most versatile and exciting carry options on the market. The harness is comprised of individual webbing “arms” which are connected to one another on a 2″ welded O ring. This allows the user maximum positioning capabilities, as well as the ability to add or subtract arms at will. The optimal setup is 3 or 4 point harnesses. One of these may be better suited than the other, depending on the holster you wish to chest carry. At the end of each arm is a D ring with a kydex tab attached. The tabs have a single point of contact, allowing you to attach it to any eyelet on your holster.  This means, as long as you’ve got 3-4 eyelets, the harness is compatible with your holster!

Holster Wedge

The holster wedge concept can be seen in a wide variety of different devices. Essentially, it’s any apparatus mounted on the backside of a holster near the end of the barrel, helping to push the barrel outward and thereby tilting the handle inward toward the body for effective concealment. While there are many ways to achieve this, my recommendation is the Raven Concealment wedge.

Concealment Claw

The concealment claw is a device that sticks out off of the holster, roughly parallel to your handle. It is designed to push against your belt and thereby tuck the handle of your firearm into your body for effective concealment. While there are many devices used to do the same thing, my recommendation is the Raven Concealment Vanguard Claw or one that I custom build for your specific holster.